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Profil des lecteurs et recrutement des correspondants

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Dear collegue,
You will find here a questionnaire concerning the launch of Science Tribune, an international journal of science and technology. This is a general interest publication.
If you wish to become eventually a reader and/or a correspondent of this journal, please answer to this questionnaire.

1: Are you interested in reading about science 

outside the bounds of your discipline ? 
Yes No No opinion 2: Do you think that complex phenomena can be described simply so that they can be understood by a lay reader?
Yes No No opinion

3: Do you think that our journal will be all the more stimulating, attractive and also easier to read if we attain an appropriate balance between factual reporting and criticism, and if controversy between proponents of opposing viewpoints were encouraged ?
Yes No No opinion

4: Do you believe that some very interesting scientific articles do not achieve publication in top-rank journals ?
Yes No No opinion

5: Would you be interested in reading articles about science and technology written by non scientists(lawyers, politicians, philosophers,..) ?
Yes No No opinion

6: Are you interested in the opening up of science to society, implying interactive relationships between science, technology and society ?
Yes No No opinion

7: If you agree that developments in science and techniques in their broadest sense are a major factor in the social, economic and political spheres, do you think that space in the journal should be devoted to regular analyses of the stakes involved and the prevailing ideologies ?
Yes No No opinion

8: Do you think that a better understanding of the context of your work within a scientific and/or technical field would be of help to you?
Yes No No opinion

9: Are you interested in a multicultural and historical approach to science ?
Yes No No opinion

Si vous avez déjà répondu à un de nos questionnaires, il est inutile de répondre aux questions ci-dessous. Donnez-nous simplement vos noms et prénoms et cliquez directement sur le bouton "Envoyer" en bas de page. Merci.

10. Dans quel pays travaillez-vous ?

11. Sexe:
Masculin Féminin

12. Année de naissance:

13. Domaine d'intérêt:

Nom: Prénom: Adresse postale complète: Département Institution Boite postale Rue, numéro Code postal Ville Etat Pays Téléphone Fax Email

Merci d'avoir répondu à ce questionnaire. Si vous avez fini, vous pouvez cliquer sur le bouton "envoyer".