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Scientific Board

The Scientific Board of Science Tribune is being set up. It will be formed of scientists, engineers, and specialized journalists who
- agree with the journal's aims and policy, as explicited, and who are eager to collaborate;
- come from a variety of countries;
- are active in very diverse disciplines (from mathematics to human sciences);
- are linked to INTERNET.

Because of the rapid expansion of INTERNET, the mandate of members of the scientific board will initially have to be short, but may be extended in the future.

At present, we are seeking candidates willing to act as board members for 18 months. Selection criteria will be :
- competence as evaluated on the basis of a curriculum vitae
- discipline and country of work.

You may submit an application yourself or recommend anyone with the profile outlined above.

Members of the Scientific Board will be regularly invited to help in the development of Science Tribune by:

- writing articles (reviews - editorials - rostrum - chronicles - position papers - humorous pieces...), commentaries, news items.....;
- taking part in debates;
- animating and chairing forums on specific themes.

If you have already completed one of our questionnaires, you need not fill in the form below. Just give us your surname and first name and click on the button "send" at the end of the page.


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