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More about Science Tribune

The aims of the journal are to :

- analyze how knowledge is generated, the nature and importance of the stakes involved in science and technology, the relationships between science, scientists, and society

- to make a wider public aware of the contribution of science and techniques to our way(s) of thinking

- to promote the dissemination and application of scientific results and technical achievements

- to render scientific method accessible to more people so that new research objectives, defined by society for society, can be formulated

- to reflect different cultures and not just Western culture where a positivist and utilitarian bias has generated a mental block and hindered the ability to adapt

Science Tribune is an open journal :

- open to all scientific disciplines and subjects that question the accepted gap between the 'hard' and 'soft' sciences.
It is at interfaces that new ideas can best originate and migrate.

- open to all nations - North/South, East/West.
In a world where we need semi-permeable frontiers, no society can look ahead and stride forward without taking into account the advancement of others.

- open to institutional and non-institutional science.
Institutions, professional bodies, societies, informal groups, as well as individuals can make themselves and their opinions known.

-open to all professions.
In our professional lives, we are all fettered by hyper-specialisation, lack of cross-cultural understanding, declining innovation, and overcompetiton. These restrict our grasp of the social impact of science and prevent us from rethinking its objectives.

- open to the future but not closed to the past.

However, Science Tribune is restricted to those who profess a genuine interest in not just breaking existing boundaries but in creating the climate of general scientific culture that will enable 'progress' to take a leap in an appropriate direction because it will be based upon exchange and diversity and not upon compromise or authority.