The Cancer Journal - Volume 11, Number 6 (November-December 1998)


We'll meet again.......

In an editorial which appeared almost a year ago (1), we told our readers about the efforts that we had been making to secure the future of the Journal after the retirement of one of us. Despite many approaches, we did not succeed and as a result this will be the last printed issue of the Cancer Journal. May we take this opportunity to thank all those who have helped us with the Journal: members of the Editorial Board, referees, authors and, of course, our readers.

As far as we are concerned, producing the Journal was a very positive experience. Since the publication of the first issue in May 1986, we have learnt the value of independence and the price that it is necessary to pay to preserve and foster it within the fields of medicine and biology, in the face of pressure from all sides. We strove to maintain a position of reasonable doubt. For the last three years, the Journal has been available on the World Wide Web and, over the preceding months, an average of 1800 to 2000 files have been downloaded every day. This presentation will survive the printed version, for the next few months at the same address : (http://www.infobiogen.fr/agora/journals/cancer/homepage.htm). Later, it will move to another site, which will be notified well in advance.

We will use this occasion to rejuvenate the presentation and reorganize the server to make it even more useful and convenient. At the moment, the same site gives access to:
Science Tribune: http://www.tribunes.com/tribune/cancer/accueil.htm
Alliage: http://www.tribunes.com.tribune/alliage/accueil.htm
and Global Chance: http://www.tribunes.com/tribune/gc/accueil.htm

French and English, science medicine, technology and ecology will mingle harmoniously on this site, with more and more elaborate hypertext links.

Here, the Cancer Journal and Science Tribune will continue to provide a platform, in either language, under continually improving conditions, for any contribution which those who share our views about constructive criticism and freedom of expression would like to send us. Of course, controversy, discussion and contradictory opinions will be afforded the space necessary, considering the importance of the subjects in question and the quality of the arguments advanced by the authors.

There is still much work to be done with the readers and contributors who have been loyal to the Journal for many years, not forgetting, of course with those who will join us in the future. We have not had our last word yet. This is not goodbye, merely "au revoir".

Jean-Claude Salomon, Tiuu Ojasoo, Dominique Bauer and Gillian Barratt
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1. Salomon J-C. Independence, interdependence and staying power. Cancer J. 11, 2, 1998.