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Short critical essays on medicine

Conservatism in science
Le conservatisme en science

The question remains open - the method fails
L'incertitude demeure/ échec à la méthode

Cancer and race
Cancer et race

Can human biology reduce the historical guilt of Europeans with respect to the American Indians
La biologie humaine peut-elle réduire la faute historiaue des européens envers les amérindiens?

Will the Golem overcome cancer
Le Golem va-t-il maîtriser le cancer?

Thus spoke Neanderthal
Ainsi parlait Néanderthal

Concerning the structure-function relationship
A propos de la relation structure-fonction

From biology to medicine, and from medicine to biology
De la biologie vers la médecine et de la médecine vers la biologie

Gene hunters and Wild West law
Les chasseurs de gènes et la loi de l'Ouest

Chromosomes-tissue interactions and morphogenesis
Interactions chromosomes-tissus et morphogénèse

The menstrual cycle and timing of breast cancer surgery - a "post-modernistic" vision of an advance that remains at arm's length
Cycle menstruel et chirurgie des cancers du sein - vision post-moderne d'un progrès inaccessible

Why is an AIDS vaccine taking so long?
Pourquoi la mise au point d'un vaccin anti-SIDA tarde-t-elle tant?

Viruses, cancer vaccination and third world development
Virus, cancer et développement du tiers-monde

It happened tomorrow. The weight of the future and predictive medicine
C'est arrivé demain. Le poids du futur et la médecine prédictive.

Aspirin and prevention of colorectal cancer
Aspirine et prévention des cancers colo-rectaux

Must we always treat cancer patients with heavy weapons?
Sommes-nous condamnés à traiter les cancéreux avec des armes lourdes ?

Reappraising the reasons for failure: gene therapy and cancer
En marge d'un constat d'échec: thérapie génique et cancers

Pride and prejudices in cancer research
Orgueil, préjugés et recherche sur le cancer

A disappointing balance sheet in Sweden
Comptes et mécomptes suédois

Another truimph for gene transfer ... a fishy story - should we swallow it whole?
Le mariage de la carpe et du lapin. Encore une réussite de la transgénose

How to understand a disease?

Ludwig Fleck: founder of the philosopy of modern medicin

The normal and the pathological

Chaos reigns - Heraclitus is back

Medical ethics - Two codes of ethics in medicine.

Eppur si muove

Evolution theory from a new perspective

Academic Medicine and Homeopathy

To smoke or not to smoke?

Does smoking cause suicide?

Epidemiology spreads disinformation

Wisdom of the body

The Language of the Wisdom of the Body

Healing force of nature

The placebo effect is the healing force of nature

Wisdom of the Body in cancer

Microbial resistance to antibiotics and the wisdom of the body

How to diminish microbial resistance to antibiotics?